Barbara Hodas

BARBARA S. HODAS, Senior Associate

Barbara Hodas has nearly 30 years experience in the field of housing and community development, working principally in the areas of program design and implementation, planning, grant writing, training and research for government agencies and community based organizations. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in mathematics and her Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Since joining DMA in 1989, Ms. Hodas has been responsible for preparing grant applications for Federal, State and County housing and human services programs as well as for foundations and corporations.  She has served as development consultant and fund raiser for non‑profit groups providing services to such special needs populations as: homeless individuals and families, persons living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of domestic violence, people in recovery from mental illness, and people with developmental disabilities.

Prior to joining DMA, Ms. Hodas worked for the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Housing and Community Development as Project Manager for the Eastern North Philadelphia Special Development District.  Ms. Hodas was also a research assistant at the MIT‑Harvard Joint Center for Urban Studies and to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

Ms. Hodas co-authored “Sight Unseen: The Neglected Problem of Rural Homelessness”, Homelessness in America Volume 1, Praeger Perspectives, 2008.

Ms. Hodas can be reached at (215) 576-6410 or

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